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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scars of Body , Mind & Soul

Nothing needs the heaviest attention from us currently than the Gaza attack which had assassinated nearly K of lives!! Be it bombs, direct bullets, fire and flames, most of the victims are babies and infants. Not only that inflicted physical injuries but mental as well. Most of the children face trauma. Who doesn't right?

But the Israelis choose to continue their devilry by ignoring the ceasefire. Apparently they are using the new breed of weapon of which is known, have been banned. among the new weapons is the micro pellet, which is the size of a pin's head that enters the human's body through any small hole in the skin, would destroy all the organs, including the heart, lungs and abdomen. Once attacked, the victim will continue bleeding as the entry hole cannot be identified because of the micro size.. How wicked huh?I know wicked is an understatement. Even if I use all the words in the lexicon, still, it cannot describe the catastrophe occurring in Gaza right now.

Another weapon is phosphorus which will not stop burning in, will eat the skin to the muscle and to the bones! Worse, the wound cannot be repaired and the limb must be amputated because you simply cannot find anything to repair. *$$^%$#!!!

Nail bombs. What a formidable name huh? It is..It will blow the nail at a high speed and will penetrate human body through the skin! mean is that?? It is soo inhumane. Israelis do not even deserve to be called animal! I read in The Star, 17 january, a man (a victim of the nailbombs) with the nails cutting INTO his leg and ENTERING his TESTICLES and PENIS and OUT the other side. HE LOST HIS PENIS! This left me to awe, speechless and very2 devastated. The Israelis do not just merely kill, they put their BEST EFFORT in killing! Like a guy who is just not whistling to woo a girl, but buy her a car, a house and diamonds! What a metaphore. But truly what is happening in Gaza right now is beyond norms. Still, none of the powers in the world can put this to a halt!

Allahuakbar~If I could, I don't mind offering the blessings I am about to get to them 1st if there's any...ameeeen~

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