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Thursday, January 8, 2009

11 January

Salaam..another 3 days will mark the 1st anniversary of me staying in KK.. How's it? Only God knows..I got a lot of visitors within the period... My family, amalina, latep and co who had their practical here. Serendipity occurs and I cant be any thankful for meeting very2 helpful and charming friends here. I really like it in KK. It's like I already found my comfort zone.

I have been here for 5 days since my long holiday, my classes hv just not begun yet, so all i do is exercise in many ways..hehe (swimming, aerobic, jogging, and shopping..loitering about OB.hehe) Well, i better have my free time equipped before I begin my class (its not class actually, as I am in my final semester..its more to thesis preparation but we still do have to attend classes.But then, they are not included in the CGPA, no exams) this Saturday. ~sigh~

Well3, cousin Asmah texted me yesterday saying she'll visit me at the end of this month!She already bought the tix. yahoo!~ another thing to look forward. (didn't I tell you I like to have something to look forward so I can move on happily?) I love having guests. Yey, I will have a company for 4 days!Wish big sis can join us too~

Hmm, I think its not too late to wish the woman(my beloved Sabrina) I look up the most a very happy birthday! I always wanted to be like you in a lot of ways, but I just can't. You are too good to be true. I pray for your wellbeing, health, wealth and a blessed life~ I hope you can make it for babah's birthday this March.

Sis' lovely birthday cupcakes! given by her hubby..cantik kan?? *sigh*

Love this batwing cardigan.

I am in the progress of hunting for this sneakers..where oo where~Please inform me if you guys stumble upon this ok?

OOOh , ya, did I tell you guys I already have my twilight saga?? heheheehehee

My wishlist as for now:
  • The above adidas sneakers
  • Stilla eyeliner
  • MAC smokey eyeshadow blend
  • New purse

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