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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Face the reality

Sipping my soya bean, it was a hot Saturday morning which is for me has no difference from other days, because my class will only resume on......the 19th of January. *sigh* What do I do to have the time assasinated? go figure.

this! hahaha

Mak called me up yesterday, after I misscalled her (hehehe) to inform me that lil sis will undergo her tonsil operation in March. So she asked whether I can make it to be in Kch during that time to take care of lil sis at the hospital. And the most exciting news is.....big sis will be in Kch too~ to celebrate babah's 54th birthday. By hook or crook, I must go home..Its been a while since we last gathered like that.

Earlier this week, Dr. M lobbied boycotting of US products because indirectly it's a support for Israel which is now attacking Gaza. At the first glance, these nobles enforcements, and noble motivated participants seem to be the correct things to do, but trust me (i know you guys agree) its far more difficult to practice. At the end this will just be rather symbolic. And Dr. M has stated two products in specific COKE and STARBUCKS. Will it really give slaps to the Us economy. I think what we did now is merely one of many ways to support..but do nothing to the US economy. Please live with that. We do this just for a symbolic purpose.

I called my lil sis who's currently working at Starbucks.

me: "hey quit starbucks, find other job"

sis: "U know thats our sales shoot up after the boycotting execution?" we havent done any better that this. And starbucks just donated 150 k to the Palestinians.
me: really...oh ok..

irony? So thats the reality, Boycotting is only can be a symbolic support, it will not slap the Us economy. It is something we do to show we hate the Israelis, Americans, boycotting- to paralyse the US economy is a really mammoth thing to do, worse, it will hurt our economy too. (quoted from my fren who is an Economics tutor)... In tough time like this, pray, contribute and be a volunteer is a primary help to show our support to the Palestinians. Boycotting won't do much especially when you don't have the heart and will continuing purchasing after a while...

whats that phrase again...HANGAT2 TAHI AYAM....

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