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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Props

With so many things in hand, I think I gotta pass this one. I managed to only come out with a backdrop. This idea of backdrop I once thought during my undergrads dinner but rejected, yet there was this stupid award that up until now I couldn't think what is the rationale behind that foolish award. God bless!

My sister then made some photo booth props which was from her own initiative. I am happy because my guests were very supportive and they had fully utilized the booth. Glad that I am surrounded by smart and fun people!!

 A DIY centre piece, just for the sake to pinkerize my theme.hehe

 Guest book corner, Thanks for those who signed
 by my sis, super love!
 Pink theme
Macam ni barulah guests!
My powerpuff girls, bubbles and buttercup!

3 chemistry(s):

shima said...

hi dear!

sgt soooka ur backdrop..i jz nk tnya, apa nama material of the backdrop ya? and apa size dia eh? and does it stick to wall ada ke ada dinding plywood? :)


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

shima:same material as bunting/banner,2x2feet..iron frame at the back

WaWa said...

Kak Aida, nak nanyak sine kitak nempah backdrop ya kah? Macam susah jak nak carik rah Kuching tok. Huhu. Suka mek idea kitak ya. :)

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