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Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling with AirAsia ; Warning: Fulltext entry Lagu Tema: Takeover by Mizz Nina feat Flo-Rida

I am not being prejudice, but traveling with Air Asia is never a pleasant experience. We wll definitely be physically and mentally tired after we reached our destination. Quoted B: If you travel with Airasia, you have to clock in yourself to the best mood and be prepared for any ugly event before you and he is so correct. Everything that they impose, is never beneficial to the customer, (I wonder how they can bag the best airlines for three consecutive years, considering it is based on votes. hmmm). 

Today, we were going back to KK, so we have two hand carry luggage which far exceeded the permitted allowance of  7kg. Our experiences had it, its according to your luck, sometimes, there is no personnel, sometimes they don't check it and sometimes, they even permit even you exceed the 7kg grant. But, obviously luck is not ours today, as expected, we were denied. We were ordered to have our excess baggage checked in. We refused, we transfer some of the things into our bag-pack instead. So, simple maths, each of our luggage weighed 14kg, that was twice the permitted weight after, we transferred some of the stuffs, the most our cute bag pack can accommodate is 3kgs, so our hand carry luggage were still excess. We tried our luck to walk pass the entrance and WE DID IT! They did not screen it for the 2nd time. I have the thought, you can bulk up your bag pack as heavy as you want because they did not check that, and they are not consistent in screening. We the hooligans, transferred back our stuffs into the luggage and had a good last laugh over Airsia.

Don't get me started with the RM10 imposed on counter check in. Pffft! I wish one day, money is never an issue for me, I could pass Airasia as my airlines.

7 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

i rase you penah mention that u like airasia more compared to MAS in your previouus entry, i think entry mase you balik from sabah for good..or maybe i silap baca..hehe

anyway, i pon slalu mcm tu, if exceed, masuk hand lugage, then buat muka confiden lalu mase check in..haha..padahal berat sgt hand luagage mase tu! :D

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

kepak oo rs mun nait airasia. rushing2 jak rasa. tp what to do, ya jak airline yg direct from penang to kch. mls nak transit2, double kepak.

Khairieah said...

kak aida pernah try FIrefly? siok jg tu :) better than AA la. tp MAS jg la di hati

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Ano : ya ms mas buat Hal, tp aa mmg worst
Eppa:menaaaaa tg lelah jak rs
K: pernah. Bestt mcm mas jgkkan...

siti tanjung perak said...

kedekut... inila org skrg, nak extra tp xnak bayar extra. komplen je yg extra. ini namanya low cost mentality.

i don't like aa too but be mentally prepared, u get what u pay

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

i bet u must be an AA employee. chill, AA charge more than we get. its a fact

siti tanjung perak said...

me? working with indian? hell no!

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