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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nazrin Arif

Who would've expected to celebrate 1st day of eid at the hospital. Me neither. And no one would expect B's nephew prolonged fever is something else. After 7 days of on and off fever, he was admitted to the ward with Kawasaki disease. Poor Arif. Being the apple of the eye and the cream of the crop, everything else falls second, including Raya, There's no fun celebrating Eid knowing Arif is in the ward fighting his illness. We would drop anything for him. He was admitted on Raya eve, and everyone takes turns to look after him between rise and snooze. He's progressing well as he gets the best personal and medical attention. Can't wait for him to discharge and continue to paint rainbow in the household with his antics! Me too almost succumb to the evilness of fever with a slight indication of sore throat.. God Bless there's B muax!~

At the Background:Arif is fighting his disease..

  IV line..poor arif..

Arif's support system..

........ : /

1 chemistry(s):

mommy arif said...

satu injap jantung arif masih bengkak lepas scan tadi. kesian arif. kecik dah kena tanggung semua ni.

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