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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update from negeri di bawah angin bayu membawa diriku..hehe

Yello!! Am blogging form my new workplace finally! Prior to that, a lot of activities filled up my our itinerary just for that weekend. Hubby came over to KL and we flew to Penang for a relative's wedding. I had a chance to meet Nasuha!! Purple Lady's little sweet pea, now that she's 2 months old, she looks oh so lovely, not to mention her mother! Not only she had successfully secured her pre-pregnancy figure!But prettier! Jeles. Worry not, I will have an entry especially for our trip to Penang aight?

We left for KK on Monday (the same day we flew from Penang to KL) and you can imagine how exhausted that could be. It took toll on B, when he succumbed to his prolonged fever. He turned into a human torch and only cools down when he takes pills. The fever shows no sign of subsiding and he has no choice but to go to the clinic. An altogether different story happened. After he was prescribed with antibiotics and lozenges, we were supposed to go for my monthly antenatal check up, the queue was too long, so I asked him to wait in the car. Suddenly, he asked me to withdraw, as he couldn't take it anymore. That was when I saw him turning literally blue, complained of short of breath and glaring sight. He ordered me to stop by at Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department at Queen E hospital (I was the one who drove all the way, yes, he was that ill). I dropped him there, and looked for parking. Luckily, my dad's staff sticker is still at my car (ya my Eliza has also reached KK) so I could park at the staff parking. When I went to the Emergency, he was on the bed, already being poked, dripped and fixed with a nebulizer, with several nurses and doctors nearby. Being brought up by parents working in medical field, we siblings, have high tolerance to hospital cases, so I managed to calm down, because I know he himself knew what he's facing now. 

After 4 hours under observation and his condition was stabilized, B was good as new to go. Then, I asked him, what happened, he said while waiting for me at the clinic, he took the antibiotic he just got and right after that, allergic reaction occurred. That explained the bluish part. That's why he quickly asked me to drop by A&E. Fortunately nothing is serious. B was happy because he's granted 2 days MC. hahaha... 

1. Nasib baik bawak Kelisa kalau tak, lain cerita because sya tak pandai bawak manual.
2. Nasib baik he managed to call me, before dia pengsan ke apa ke to transport him to A&E.
3. Moral of the story, take not ubat2an/apa2 yang uols ada allergy to. Sebab effect allergy can cause death!

For the time, both of are really busy with work and house hunting, as much as I don't want to leave my in law house, I loath that my current workplace is literally one hour drive from Putatan sans traffic jam!Plus, B now is working at Likas hospital.

So, nak buat iklan berbayar kejap, should any of you know any apartment, terrace house nearby Likas, Sulaman, One Borneo area, please inform me asap aight? Because we have two potential houses now tapi both tingkat 3 takde lift, pengsanla saya nanti... huhu...

5 chemistry(s):

saeko_nakamura said...

bestnya da dpt blik kampung!home sweet home sis!=)

syitah said...

sepintas lalu ku terkenangkan mu..~ alhamdulillah..senang hati dekat dgn suami kan? :)

huu penah alergik ubat jugak. gatal2 badan, kene cucuk and mkn ubat tahan sakit. balik rumah dah okey sikit tp lepas tu mata pedih and gatal. tgk2 bengkak ;(

and i've recently developed an allergy to cats' fur! ish..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

@saeko_nakamura tq :)

@syitah:kena jg2 tu..:)

Anonymous said...

try cari kat =)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ano:yup, tu tmpt 1st kt cari

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