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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Kulim/Penang Trip

Alright, its time for pending entry of our trip to Penang/Kulim last 2 weeks. B reached KL at 1230 pm and our flight to KL is at 330pm, but it delayed. We reached Penang at 5pm, to be received by Purple Lady and family! Yup, Little Nasuha is around! Thanks to the massive gridlock at Penang Bridge, we only reached Kulim, rumah pengantin at 630pm when everyone is dismantling everything. Oh lupa pulak, our purpose to Penang was to attend B's cousin's wedding. But the good thing was we had the pair all by ourselves, nak bergambar banyak mana pun takpe, sebab semua orang dah balik. He.

It occurs that Mak Long's place is super near to Aifa's crib, bonus for us. :) So, after Maghrib, Aifa invited us to her place. B was actually down with fever while he was still in KK so, he couldn't really cope up with the itinerary. The next day, B's cousin brought us to this awesome place selling breakfast. Their repertoire was 60 cents packed Nasi Lemak. Yummeh! 60 sen!! But I was too bloated to take two :P.. 

Later, we zoomed to B's grandpa's place at Batu Kurau, that was 1 hour drive from Kulim. B's other cousin and brother tagged along too but they escaped in the middle of the journey as they bought ticket to Ipoh on the way. 

We could see the greenest paddy field all the way and B got to taste the freshly picked coconut juice. We then went to B's cousin's friend's wedding on the way back. sempat....

We took a rest at Mak Long's place while waiting for Aifa and husband to pick us up because we planned to check in at Penang the night we left for KL. Mak Long served us with...................................... not one but TWO BIG containers with durian from their own orchard. And seriously, true story, I finished one full container and of course they tasted out of this world. Pity b, hanya blh makan sikit. 

Fast forward, Aifa picked us up, stopped for Solat for a while and she treated us for late lunch at one restaurant called Mutiara restaurant with unique concept. Customers will experience eating in huts and the speciality is their Briyani Kambing. For sure, one of the best briyani I have ever eaten. 

We drove all the way to Penang as it was already nearly 6pm. Aifa dropped us at the hotel while they went for Asar at surau USM. We chose Eastin because it is near to Queensbay and airport (our flight is at 7am the next day). 

After solat and some refreshment, apparently Aifa had arranged a reunion for us with our junior who happened to stay in Penang. This junior of ours also just delivered a beautiful daughter and both of them were enjoying their baby talks while I just watched and menyampuk and rubbed my tummy occasionally. Hahah cant wait, baby girls are just beyond adorable! 

Panjang nya cerita ni....hehe after that, I wanted to buy some pickles to bring back and we went to chow rasta. B was not feeling feeling very well, his temperature increased and we had no choice but to go back to the hotel after a short stroll at Queensbay Mall.

Honestly I rasa tak puas main dengan baby Nasuha and explore Penang. My last trip to Penang was in 2006 if I'm not mistaken, with Unimas. I will return to this place for sure, sebab mee udang entah ke mana, cendol entah ke mana, Char Kuey Teow pun entah ke mana! Bukan main lagi plan...

2 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

kelak mbak little one skali jalan penang.. =)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

wajib!! serious sik puas! tambah gk abu demam

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