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Friday, November 25, 2011

Za New Total Hydration Range UPDATE, I am featured!

Look at these gorgeousness!My first encounter with this range was in Cleo magazine.Yesterday, I saw them for the 1st time at Guardian, (but I ended up buying in Watson's cos they have promotion.) I bought cleanser and the Aminomineral refreshing gel. Both products are awesome! So, I'd love to give the blemish care a try. You see, I have been using the 2 way foundation for a year already and I'm a satisfied customer. I have my MAC only for occasions, klu guna MAC every day to work and utk touch up setiap kali after solat, kopak arrr!! Imagine a MAC is RM 140 (10gm) for 4 months, and you can get the same just for RM27 by wearing ZA. Recently it won the BEST Compact powder in Cosmopolitan Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu 2011. 

More information [here]

After just a couple of hours I came out with this post, I was featured in Za's FB!

leh claim komisen nih! :P

11 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

r u try them because its pink??
haha..u juz like me..
but in mu case..i hook to purle.. =D
but as long as the outcome is superb..who care rite? =)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

bijak2... :) tp za mmg bes pun :)

Noa Hamrin said...

I just saw the products too at Guardian last nigh, but luckily you mention that Watson have a good offer, so I must be patience before head up to Watson tomorrow. and I just bought the pink compact powder last night, since my RonaSutra is misplace somewhere. School holiday makes me makeup free hihi :P

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

noa: 1st time coba compact powder nyaka? it wont let u down, best~

Qaseh said...

like za new look...

Anonymous said...

salam, kak aida.. nk tanya blh? :) skin range utk product ni utk dry skin je ke? nak try jgk pasal kaler dia pink tp takot xsesuai. :D

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Qaseh:me too!
Ano: dia ckp for flaky, oily skin.

akmabolhan said...

wah skjpnya awak makei compact MAC ya.. 4 bln jak? saya makei staun lebih, pun belom abis!! huhu

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ima: is it,saya 4-5 months, mun everyday ke kerja la....termasuk keluar. setahun lebih? awak makey kedak losse powder kali.sikit2 jak hehe

-ilyannur- said...

compact powder za mmg best. dulu mmg pakai tu, tp sejak2 dh terjebak pakai revlon foundation, lupa kejap psl za. tp still the best la, kadang2 pegi curi2 pakai kakak punya hahaha.

Noa Hamrin said...

No lah...lamak dh coba, but early this year switch to Ronasutra, then misplaced that one. But seriously, pakey Za balit molah rasa mok switch back to this brand hihi :-) cz casing nya very feminine..

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