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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

♥~Oh Lola~♥

After three days dose of antibiotics, my condition is no better, sore throat is still there, slightly less painful. Sometimes, my temperature would increase a tad. All GPs advise to minimize medication intake during pregnancy but I feel horrible! How la? I have tried all the homebound remedies as well, now maybe it's a curse, I am officially a cold-drink-phobic. Everytime I pass by hawkers selling rambutan and durian on my way home, I just feel helpless.. huhu. So yesterday, B prescribed me cough syrup and what nots at least to buoy my condition, if not to make them recover. Seriously for those who had watched Breaking Dawn, I looked like the super-ill Bella Swan, maybe I need to drink blood huhu, Ya Allah, please make this nasty sore throat go go go!Pity B who has to bear with my coughing every night. :( Please2, but those of you out there who has miracle, workable remedies, please share with me!

I strongly believe that healthy being comes from a happy heart, so I decided to make myself euphoric today! Three roses to call my own, finally! :) Now they are not only on my head (see:Blog Header teeheee) but on my dressing table too!

It's understood to all that I buy this because of the oh-so-me pink rose flacon but the bonus is, it smells really good! Another lucky factor, they are now having the Christmas promotion and I really enjoy good deals of these beauties. And I think I want to go for the Marc Jacobs Daisy also, it smells nicer! but sayang not pinkier.

100 ml
50 ml
Miniature 4ml (free)
They can make me smile all day long :)
The roses are so pink I am gonna die!

14 chemistry(s):

Anonymous said...

Aida, according to my own experience, drink lots of air panas. not air suam key, air panas. like it or not. hehe tp mmg mujarab. avoid goreng2,pedas2.. susu pun kalau bley, avoid jugak.. wish you the best of health =)

Ema said...

oh-it's-so-you la dear.. how much for those pinky stuff? hehe

anyway... get well soon :)

DrNurolSainuri said...

knapa k aida ada 3? hehe tak puas hati ni:P

Anonymous said...

try salt gargle. make it salty enough. but i need to warned u that this could lead to even greater irritation than what you started with. The gargle should taste a little salty, but not overwhelmingly so. Begin with one teaspoon of salt per pint of water. Once the salt has dissolved, taste it. If it tastes like spit, add a bit more salt until it begins to taste salty. The relief is very real, but sadly also temporary, since the gargle has done nothing to remove the cause of the sore throat.
mun x pun nak, my gramma used to say 'racun yalh penawar'. if medication doesn't work, try ice cream instead...

Anonymous said...

how about honey? mix it with water (room temperature) and drink it...take care !

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ok, will do, ive tried honey with warm water and hot water, still to no avail

emma: i really got good bargain,
iffah: 2 je, satu tu free. he

Biena said...

Bok perasan ku tek nya berdaun, kiut! Batok mesti mok minum air suam. type expectorant mesti mok betol!

Anonymous said...

akak ada tonsil ker?

BibiErr Karim said...

Salam Aida,

Aritu ada dgr sorang ustaz tu bg ceramah, Nabi Muhammad SAW makan habatus saudah (black seed) + madu bila Baginda xsihat.

Get well soon ya.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Biena: of course ada daun!
Ano: yup
Bibier: ya, tq.. :)

Gifts From The Kitchen said...

try buah 'kembang semangkuk' (org sarawak tauk). rendam dlm air segelas, bila kembang mcm jelly, boleh di minum. kamek experienced batuk teruk during pregnancy, alhamdulillah hilang lepas ya. mula2 kamek x percaya, tapi a few colleague kamek yg same case dgn kmk, kdak ya juak :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried air asam jawa for your sore throat?

- Suria -

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

gifts: really, ok!
ano: yup...still xde perubahan ni :(

Anonymous said...

pink cough syrup to cheer up the day...

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