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Thursday, December 22, 2011


So you know, me and B are in the progress of moving into our crib maybe this weekend. For the whole week we've been cleaning the house and filling it with  necessary stuff. My mother had contributed most of the things when she sent my Kelisa a month ago. I don't have to worry about my cooking utensils cos Mak dah bagi semua lengkap :) Since we are only RENTING, so we don't want to splurge for the households, semuanya Daiso mari jer, but I can't deny I am excited having and managing my own place to call home, we are considered lucky because the place is still new, so still bersih. 

B had utilised his off day to clean the place including pasang langsir, bedsheet, fix all the faucet, aircond, TV, fan, everything. And my task is to shop! And this is one of the results: 

 *_*    <-- B's reaction Lol.

So far, the house is 90% ready, tinggal nak isi drystore and food je lagi. Insya allah there will be a housewarming soon.. :D

Btw, have u guys seen the new notes that will be out in July? They are so nice
I love RM100 and RM20 the most.

and RM10 note is just so pink am gonna die! hehe

7 chemistry(s):

maryaaaaaaa said...

so pink! :)i likee. hehe.. bestnye aida nanti leh deco ur own house.. aida hati2 ye pindahkan brg2 kat rumah baru nnt :)

Sabrina said...

hehe! waaahh! semua pink! i like!
and the new rm note is nice kan? malaysia will be more stylish in their pocket after this! hehe....

azwanea said...

you must be very happy =)

Niza Romli said...

wahh..pinknya mata sy :)

ainasuhana said...

selamat pindah rumah.. wow, semua nya pink..! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Salam ada masalah sakit taht sama dengan u yang sakit tonsil hari tu. sy demam, then tekak x selesa, rasa mcm ada benda je kat tekak, tp xda.mungkin panas memang x selesa (sorry off topic)

Farah Asyikin said...

Aida betul2 minat pink...huhuu...hubby tak ckp per ker? ahahha

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