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Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar: what love is capable of doing

Avatar, initially the trailer failed to entice me.. but after a review or two by friends, I surrender!

Avatar is about a crippled marine (Jake Sully) who had to replace his dead twin brother to becoming a surrogate of an avatar specially created for his brother for one obvious reason, he has the closest genome. The Na'vis resemble cats, and they are 10 ft tall. Natives of distant world Pandora, Na'vi and half-human avatars from Earth slug it out over a rare mineral that is crucial to solving Earth's energy crisis. In his avatar world, Jake fell in love with the Na'vi girl and goes against his initial mission.

Overall, this movie is seriously for sci-fic ardent fan. The 1st time I watched the preview I found the blue thing is disturbing but at the end of this movie, I fall for Jake Sully! I think the avatar looks like Robert Pattison at some angles. hehe.

Jake Sully and his avatar

His first debut as an avatar

Dah otai dah

The Na'vi girl he falls for, Neytiri

5 chemistry(s):

mrs sam worthington said...

i'm gonna watch this! perfect review from all

neytiri said...

i love avatar! love jake sulley!

HG said...

tooo sci fic i must say, boring..

reez said...

kenape cik adik ni comel sgt aa? pakai baju pink lagi..

y!eN said...

love tis movie n the scenary was superb *wink*

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