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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Braces Log; Lagu Tema: Never Say Goodbye by Mario & Nesty

P/S: All post entitled Braces Log are actually for my own personal inventory, kalau tak baca pun takpe :)

Remember my stubborn  tooth? Well that particular culprit took its toll on me today! I went for my monthly appointment and the dentist found out that, it doesn't come out because of not enough space, although all the gaps are closed already. So, the trick is??? Yes, to create more gaps. You wonder how? Nope, not by extraction but worse---->to trim! A blade is passed into each tooth to widen the gap. (macam konsep rapatkan saf lah gamaknya) Each of the gap's width is 0.5 mm. After he trimmed all my upper teeth, he purposely left out my front teeth because he said he will pull other teeth to the right and left so that the gap will naturally appear at my front teeth, in one week time. The whole process was hellish, but I am prepared as before this I have gone extra mile for this braces. Excess tissue la, stage formation la, so setakat trimming gigi? chewah, Pray for me yah?

This is how I will look like in a week time. hehe

This is how the blade looks like if you had to ask O_o

4 chemistry(s):

LIYANA LEE said...

i had my teeth trimmed too, coz i had no teeth extracted! well they call it slicing or splicing or sth...dun worry dear...just hang in there!!~~

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

ish. kesengsaraan. terus tak memandang ke hadapan utk braces.

abu ubaidah said...

uuu sexy! hehe

hye mi said...

hye, ni bukan nak komen psl entry ni. tapi baru lepas baca entry kt page kevin, psl lose weight. :)

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