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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM Result Day; Lagu Tema: Got to Go by Najwa Mahiaddin

Wetsemenet! Only 10 posts in March? My bz-o-meter is at the highest peak. Multitasking.One man show, at 1 point, I don't know which one to attend to first.

Today's SPM result release day. Pretty much reminds me of my own experience 9 yea...oh Gosh NINE years???? alright face the fact, 9 years ago. During the eve of the release, I just couldn't sleep, just like waiting for a death verdict. Expectation was high on me. The only thing on my mind was - What If I F.l.u.n.k? Mom will chase me outta the house, No man will want me, my nosy aunties will judge me for the rest of my life, I could never fit in because definitely my friends will bag lotsa As, in short, it's the end of the world. Few days prior the release, I performed countless solat hajats and I sought for apologies from everyone, I passed an angel. SPM was EVERYTHING for me back then. 

On the day, elder sis was the one who accompanied me, butterflies were having good dance in my stomach. I was totally mute and could only tawakkal. Que siera siera, whatever will be will be. Journey to school seemed like forever, as much as I was petrified to face my result, I was eager to know too. Upon reaching the school compound, (I was still in my car), I caught my junior showing six fingers to me. At that point, although it's not many amount of As, but really I was thankful. I hugged my sister. One thing, I resented the fact that I knew before hand my result, not by combing through the list which is classic for me, and in fact that thing happened to me for my UPSR and PMR as well. I never knew my result on my own, people who always informed me! pfft!

In my 25 years of life, there's nothing more coercing and petrifying than SPM. After or before that, I was never that nervous. My advice for adik2 who get their result today and it didn't turn well, remember, it is not the end of world. Your journey is still far and there's  billions of prospects that you can view through. Trust me. Congratulations to those who nailed it :)

Year 2002. Last Paper of SPM.Biology Paper. Aida, Aifa, Azza. The Powerpuff Girls. Dewan SMKA Tun Ahmad Zaidi

2 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i miss that moment! sgt fresh dalam ingatan eh!!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

miss it too! hehe i miss school!!!!!!!!!!!

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