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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dedication; Lagu Tema: That's the Way It is by Celine Dion

Last two nights I watched the Machinist for the first time. Aside from the mind twisting plot, another thing worth marveling is Christian Bale's srawny build. So, being submissive to curiosity, I did some googling reading of how he managed to do that. He lost 63 pounds altogether and only weigh 50 kg for the lead, that's a normal weight for an Asian lady fgs! !!! FYI, he stands at 6 ft =1.83m! He wowed the critics when he even wanted to scrap off another 15kgs after the bony 50kgs! And according to the director, it was Bale's own will to lost so much weight as he only needs 'to look like a man who didn't sleep for a year' character, and he's got really into his character. Heath Ledger for The Joker remember? 

For the period of 4 months, he only ate apple, drink coffee and smoke cigarette. "There is no specific food to avoid because I avoid all food."

Soon after he finished filming the Machinist, Bale got an offer to play Bruce Wayne in Dark Night. Yes, he buffed up another 100lbs to his weight. Look, to become fat is easy, but to beef up your body, with all the packs, thats another different thing altogether. And all this lost and gain thing happened within only 9 months! Well, that spells dedication, hats off to Bale.

Bale in the Machinist and Batman The Dark Night, all in 9 months!

4 chemistry(s):

Ibrahim & Jihan said...

omg..bestnya kalo bleh buat mcm dia ni! lepas ni kena makan epal & minum kopi jak la ;) and we'll see after 4 months.hehe.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

eh2 jgn jihan, jd tiru aksi ini! hehe

reena said...

And he lost his weight again for The Fighter! True actor la dia ni.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ya the fighter!!

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