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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Papi's Birthday Celebration; Lagu Tema: Seindah Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza

What is more wonderful than having vacation with family? So, last weekend, my parents and I went to visit my 2 sisters in KL, cum celebrating Dad's birthday in advance. Sis had planned this thing wayy earlier so she secured a place for the celebration at an Arabic restaurant, Al Diafah. Lil Sis brought along her boyfriend whose birthday is also in March, 3 days after dad. So celebrate sekali la.hehe

We got plenty complimentary of this. Saya jakun tapau semua masuk beg.

Nice ambience

Mashed chick peas, yummeh to the max, altho it doesn't appear like

Dad's Lamb
Bro In Law's nasi mandi
My grilled chic, pilihan bijak, sedap dap dap

Elder sis' nasi mandi with grilled chic (nk bg makan 4 orang ke ni???)

Caramel, worth dying for

Lil Sis' sponsorship, cupccakes for the birthday boys

Couple 1 (level veteran)

Sis and her boyfie (level muka baru) We got him a lomo camera. :)

me no couple, I so boring, I made this. Narcissistic enough 

Our expanding family! Love you all to the bits

Oh ya,during our trip this time, finally lil sis introduced her boyfriend to my parents. 

The first time my parents met him, I have met him last year when I sent B to Kursk.
He brought my parents a bouquet. So suweet.

4 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

ouchhh the caramel!!!! i want!

nasi mandi?? nang nama nya giya ka? seriously cm kenak mandik ngan nasik. haha

matured muka gerek elin! good3

Biena said...

Nasi Mandy la ammmma.... Mandi, LoL!!!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

nang nyaman pa! hehe
aok, namanya ng nasik mandi.hehe manok diberik mandi ngan nasik, nasik ya dmasak dalam tanah

gerek elyn younger than her! hehe but he's a nice boy..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

biena: its actually mendy. but its popular by the name nasik mandi laaaa.. i know before i know al diafah even

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