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Monday, March 7, 2011

Addiction; lagu tema: Pretty Perfect by Pink

I have this peculiar crazy addiction for hijab. Duh, everyone knows that. Why are they always revolving?! So last 3 days, I found a pattern that I have been looking all this while (because they are quite expensive online). The boutique is run by Pakistani. And at that time, the shopkeeper is a very young boy, I think, 17-ish. Ok, back to the shawl. The price tag is RM 17.90.

SK: I can give you RM15 for that
Me: Ok. I want three of these.
SK: Punching his calculator, show RM45 on the screen to me.
Me: Boleh kasi kurang lagi ka?
SK: 42 the least la.
Me: 40 la, alang2..
SK: Okla, okla..

Wow, from RM54 to RM40? I manage to bargain RM14, that's definitely a steal!

Two days later..

Me: Looking at the same shawls, start choosing. You bagi I 40 hari tu ingat kaa?
SK: Ya, I remember
Me: Good2.. Give me these 3.
SK: Ok, and packing my shawls in a beautiful paper bag. Last time takde.
Me: Gave him the money and leave
SK: Kakak, kakak bagi lebih.
Me: Erk, cannot be because thats the only money I got in my purse. hehehe.. "-___-
SK: Saya kasi kurang lagi baaa..
Me: O_o I got three shawls for RM35! haha.. I feel so high!

The thing is, I wonder how much is actually the cost price sampai dia boleh sembarangan bagi kurang.
Alangkah bestnya perkara ini berlaku hari2 dalam hidup. haha
Tawar menawar itu sunnah. :D

Kedai tersebut ialah SES Pesona, if you should ask.


4 chemistry(s):

ztie said...

shawl pattern cmne? and...... ses pesona sine? tudung murah jak bah sbnrnya huhu

Khairieah said...

murah rezki c kak aida. he. ingatkan SK tu Siti Khairiah hehehe

PiNky@hEarT said...

u r so lucky! memang ada certain people slalu lucky, managed to get the lowest price.. my sis salah seorang, and i never got a chance.. T_T

eida said...

nang borong shawl la ya aida. stail cmane shawl ya tek? alu gram juak mok ngga. heeeee..

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