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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jalan2 Cari Makan Edition; Lagu Tema JJCM

Apakah Pengisian Paling utama ketika vacation? MAKAN! You know what my mom did, everytime JJCM is on air, she will jot down the address and informed my sis the place. So, here we go, hunting down the places that she had shortlisted. wah gitu! The places are: Murtabak Singapura, Restoran Wau Bulan & Asam Pedas Muor.

Murtabak Singapura is 180 degree off our imagination, I mean place-wise. Sunyi, tak happening langsung and disappointing level of hygiene. But, the murtabak played hero. "Memang sedap, memang kuat rasa daging dia"memetik kata-kata Qi Razali, hos JJCM.

Our next list on JJCM edition is Restoran Wau Bulan. This place, we don't think we could find it sans GPS, quite remote. Its speciality is of course, from the name, you can tell, Masakan kelantan, so, everything is extra sweet and extra spicy. But Mom didn't quite like it especially the desserts. They were only mediocre. Worse, Mak didn't get to eat the Lompat Tikam (the main purpose she wanted to go here).

Column 1: Soda Kelantan, Wau, Ubi Kelapa & Pulut Ikan Masin
Column 2: Popia sambal, Pulut Manis, Sagu, Pulut sambal, Apam Kelapa, Lempeng Pisang

Last destination is Assam Pedas Muor, the best assam pedas I have ever tasted. The place is clean and the desserts are also delightful. So far the most reliable place from JJCM. We ordered all types of fish and the meat are well absorbed with the gravy, and although all are assam pedas, but each menu's taste is distinct from each other, you can tell, the best thing is they are all tasty in their own way!I'd recommend this place to everybody!

Row 1: Mi Bnadung Muor, Puteri Berdua (or berkawan??) lupa.., Kuih muih, got bingka, kacang,kole
Row 2: Asam Pedas Pari, Ikan Jenahak & Merah 

I think, all kedai sedap its just that, different people have different taste. Like, not all can accept Laksa sarawak, but for Sarawakians, it is our pride that we think the best food in the whole universe! Actually there's more in the list but time constraint, so tak sempat..

5 chemistry(s):

BisKut ChiPmOrE said...

sedapnya kak aida..nak sket

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i love asam pedasssss muar!! different sikit ngan asam pedas sarawak.. tapi nyum2, makan ngan nasik puteh panas2 and telur dadar. uhhh.. i miss my MIL's cooking! hehe

AkUiStInI3 said...

good time i also want to jot down the address of JJCM choices..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

BC: bolehh
eppa: ao eh, awak org johor lupak nyamann oh
Akuistini3: ya2 u shd

ahmad endo said...

nak makan suma nyaman2 ya...hehehe...terutama murtabak singapore

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