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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A visit to the dentist

This is my 2nd appointment following my braces application. And I got a shocking news. My dentist discovered an excess tissue on my gum, grew from the hollow socket of my previous  extracted tooth. He then referred me to the other doctor who also failed to identify what is it. He even asked me whether I am pregnant (*_*) Kan org pregnant selalu ada gum complication. So, he performed a laser surgery on my gum to burn remove the excess mass. I think I got 6-7 jabs! Oh my, it was a horrible experience plus the burning smell, although I'm completely numb at that area. I was soo relieved when he said he did it for FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! sekali lagi FREE!! And I was told, if it reoccurs, they will have to perform a biopsy. Aduh... I pray hard it's nothing serious. 

And the end of the day, I also had my braces tighten. Pun sedappppp jgk! This braces thing is definitely not a walk in the cloud.period.

Father and son in crocs.cute.

I am admitted twice today to 2 different dentist, altogether cost me 2.5 hours.

It's orange this time! tk nampak pun.. tapi memang orange.

7 chemistry(s):

ahmad said...

raget k braces ya......jeles kmk pa ktk mun d google kuar nama ow.....hahaha

Hayatul Akma @ Ima said...

sukanya shawl tok!! beli dari shawluver nak? gucci uolssss

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yesza! gucci u olss, yg lain i x mampu.hahaha

Riena said...

Saya jeles sama itu Gucci! Di manakah anda membeli nya?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

shawluver. nak ku mdh ngan kau ya bah, ko mdh rah ptlg st 10 rgt jak, aku meli 30 -_________-"

Ernie Khairina said...

yes, i experienced gum bleeding recently.Do u think it is safe for me to undergo teeth scaling? scheduled on next week..taktau la nak pegi ke tak.
btw, i love ur shawl!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

erk, ernie, rasa time preggie ni, u shd stay away from any gum procedure kot.hehe but u can always ask the dentist lah, i pun tatau sgt, wah, byknya peminat shawl itu.hehe tq!~

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