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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dalil Cinta

After watching the promo, memang brazam la nak tengok, so me and my beloved housemate (my mom la tu) bertenggek depan TV sharp at 9. 

This drama is about a young couple yang gatal nak kahwin and believe that marriage can survive on LOVE per se. After both parents agreed, both of them pun get married. Nisa (Sh Amani) is still young and her study is still in progress while her husband, Zarif (Fahrin Ahmad) is a mechanic. All this while, they take every chances to cover up that Nisa knows nothing about cooking and house chores. Before they get married, Nisa even duped her Mom-In-Law by asking a cook to cook Asam Pedas and Sayur sawi which is later found out by her MIL (after she got married).

So, her MIL decided to take revenge on her by pretending to be sick and demanded Nisa to cook her asam pedas. So Nisa pun kantoi right at that moment. Lepas kena kaw2 by her MIL, Nisa accused her husband conspired with her MIL nak kenakan dia. Dia tak berubah pun, still sticking to her old habit, bangun lewat, hidang nasik bungkus and had her husband do all the house chores. 

Until one day, her MIL decided to stay over at their house. Barulah kelam kabut Nisa nak kemas her house. For all she knows, yang Nisa dah berubah, tapi rupa-rupanya tak when satu pagi, Fahrin was caught red handed melipat baju2 yang disorok unfolded dalam guest room tempat MIL nya tidur. Mak mana yang tak tersirap tengok anak lelaki dia diperlaku kan oleh isterinya begitu kan, so MIL pun ambushed bilik Nisa and bangunkan dia. Nisa sangat marah and yelled back kat Mak Mentua dia. Her MIL was stunned and terus pergi. 

This is the turning point for Fahrin to advise Nisa, instead Nisa cabar Fahrin, to see how long can he stand living without her. Fast forward, Fahrin conspired with his young Mak Su and barula Nisa terhegeh2 nak berubah... 

Rupa-rupanya Nisa jadi begitu because she never had chance to do house chores sebab her Mom didn't trust her with those. So, Nisa's dad ordered her to learn from the best : her Mak Mentua... 

So they live happily ever after! =)

Moral of the story is:

Suami kena tegas! Sayang is sayang! Didik is didik! Jangan sampai isteri naik kepala..
One fact about women, seberjaya mana pun anda, waima anda angkasawan or President US pun, kalau tak pandai buat kerja rumah, no one will look up at you!

P/S: I am determined to learn to cook the best chicken mushroom sauce in the world :)
P/S/S:During and after the movie, saya pun kena lecture free dari bonda tersayang :)

8 chemistry(s):

Khairieah said...

oh thank u sbb buat review, x tngok dari awal td and tertanya2 kenapa dorang kawin.. rupanya dorng sendiri yg mau kawin..huhu

abu ubaidah said...

I miss u babe!! ,Happy Woman's Day~~ (8March)our fathers bday hihi

PurPLe LaDy said...

hahah.. go0d2!

Nadhirah said...

baru je nak tulis review. dia dah tulis dulu. so, malasla.

yg tak boleh terima tu, lauk yg dalam plastik pun dia tak hidang kat pinggan. common sense ba tu. takyah ajar pun tau.

papapun, love this movie!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

khaireiah: ya diorg gatal nak kawen.he

baby: :* xoxo

eppa: hahehehe

akak: tu la, hantu tidur dia!

Anonymous said...

hahha...lucu...alu x nangga cita ya...cdak umah gag0 nangga b0l....s0b3..

Evi LoLyta said...


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aza: rugi sik nangga best! hehee

ava: welkam

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