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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember Me

I just couldn't believe it when Mak told me in an excited tone,

"Ju nangga Remember Me, nak orang muda Twilight ya berlakon, maok mak nangga"
(Lets go and watch Remember Me, it features the Twilight hero, I really wanna watch it)

This movie is about a rebellious young man, Tyler (Pattison) whose life changed after he lost his brother to suicide. He took it out on his wealthy father who is a workaholic and couldn't be bothered with his wrecking family. By the twist of fate, he met a girl who witnessed the murder of her mother when she was a kid. See how they shared their mutual experience, and how it ended in an unpredictable means. It is set during the September 11 event.

For me the movie falls into 'not bad' category. With his signature 'sick' style of acting, Rob Pattison did it quite well, albeit the dragging storyline. But don't expect for a sparkling Edward cuz he looks rather sloppy this time. I think he could be the next Johnny Depp, you know, working his charm sans the metrosexual manner.

P/S: Caught Pattison in his signature Way Ferrer in this movie! I want a pair!

6 chemistry(s):

Ms. Omey said...

as handsome as he is, it doesnt really matter even if the movie not good enuf!

fabulous.farah said...

header br..cantik!

Riena said...

orang muda, hahaaahaha! sedih sik crita tok? sik ku tauk ada edward lam tok koh.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

omey: nyalah ya..but i'm x into edward
farah: tq!
riena: seminit terakhir baruk keseluruhan cerita ya jadi best n sgt sedih! hahaha

ahmad said...

urang muda twilight ya...hahaha...bestkah cita tuk?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

boleh2 la, tp last2 nya jadi sgt best.he

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