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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We fly to New York!~

Week by week progresses, nothing significant comes up, today, serendipity occured, me and Ika discovered a new eating place called new york, (it's not new actually, it is just yet discovered by us).Located at the quite remote area in O.B, the restaurant is next to Secret recipe, near the VIP washroom..

The restaurant is called New York New York. Yup, twice. As the name has it, they serve western food in very2 generous portion yet reasonable price. The concept ..something like TGIF but cheaper. I love the chic ambience and the nice set up, very appetite booster. I think my messages are better depicted.


The Tabloid-look-alike menu

The label their menu with these labels... =)

For aneroxias


Strongly recommended

Aneroxias, dun go near this!

I ordered Meadow Island, a sandwich filled with grilled veges, cuz I claimed and complaint to Ika that I am lacked of leafy and green vege.. hihi...(what an alternative) haha

Very2 nice ambience...

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