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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pesta cahaya

As planned weeks earlier, we, the 3 stooges went fer a movie date today! Initially Oscar bugged us to watch Benjamin Button but it is yet to be shown!! Ika needed to return to the office before 5pm and Os got class at 7pm, so, the ideal showtime is 2pm. We scanned the movies and the show times,

INKHEART: 215 pm

Oscar did not arrive yet, we called him asking where his current location at that time cuz it is 150 pm already. I am still in Likas he answered, the same answer we got when we asked him 20 minutes ago. The last time I checked, Likas is just 5 minutes away from O.B..maybe his Likas is located in Beirut..or Kursk! huh!

Its 215pm already and Oscar hadn't arrive yet. So me and Ika looked fer another option.

ONG BAK 2: 230pm

We bought the tix straightaway fer the yet-to-arrive Os, its such a lost because with student card we could buy the ticket fer RM5 ...or else its RM9...that's almost 50% ooo~

Amid waiting fer him, me and Ika went to Levi's cuz Ika attempted to buy one pair just like mine..So i bumped into this new range of levi's called The Boyfriend's jeans. It's debut was by Katie Holmes if I am not mistaken. It's baggy with the bottom rolled up...Like as if you are wearing your boyfriends' jeans. Interested, I tried them on, and I found they are cute! and funky!(fer those who has sane taste of fashion) Yes, i really like it, not until I peeped the price tag..aaaaaaaaaaa..I might as well literally wear my own boyfriend's jeans..=)

UMS' gonna organize Fiesta Cahaya somewhere next week! According to the ardent follower (MIss Rostika) it is a fun event filled with colorful dance, songs and actings by the Indians! How fun is that? It is like watching the Bollywood right before our eyes. Amongst the other line ups are, free Bollywood movie show, henna, sari rental fer photo shoots and many more...

But the spotlight is obviously directed to........................



We won ourselves a car, Terima Kaseh Power Root!!

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