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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One not so fine day

I woke up to a heavy head today, maybe because of the chilled weather last night, I accidentally left the window open..I thought of having a wash-massage at the salon but couldn't think of any guy-less salon. Plus it will cost me. The pain was unbearable, thus, I washed and massaged it myself, a little relieved, I resumed my unfinished novel.

Amid lunch time. Got an S.O.S from little sis, asking a lil favor from me..I love her so much that I quickly dolled up myself (not that dolly-lah..hehe) and drove to the city. My 1st bizarre encounter was two policemen in a patrol car did not buckle up...My cynical innate forced me to do something that I'll be proud fer the rest of my life, to sting them up..We stopped before a roundabout, yeah, this is the time. I tried to attract their attention, yep! The saw me, and I quickly grab my safety belt and signal them hoping fer their self comprehend. They just smiled sheepishly...Hihi..Truly an accomplishment!Although I hid behind my oversized shades to avoid eyecontact..=) and off I go..

I went to the bank in town only to witness an ugly scene.. Here how it goes..

A man entered the bank, abruptly, pushing the hydraulic glass door, letting it closed on it's own course without being aware there was a kid there. So, this is what happened, the glass door closed, dragging a lil girl, missed her by her hair! Luckily the force was cushioned by her clip which was broken into pieces. (My!~ the force must been hard, or the clip must be cheap!)So she was actually salvaged by her hairclip!Her mother, roared furiously , cursing how careless the man was.
The arrogant man was so defensive, accused the mother should be at fault fer not keeping eyes on her daughter. So an intense , ballistic, verbal fight took place..We, the spectators, literally became spectators, possesed the typical Malaysian behavior: as ignorance as usual. No one even bother to cool down both parties or even concern about the lil girl. ( I will reserve my safe answer: I just don't want to make things worse!` (O_o) ) Luckily it ended without we even realised it and no physical intact involved.

My 2 cents are:

The mother's fault was not aware where her daughter is, yes, not keeping eyes on her..but not blaming her she forseen it???kan?

The guy's fault was being too arrogant to at least asked the lil girl condition, yeah, after knowing and seeing the savior clip broken into pieces. If it was not because of the clip, I think the girl must be dragged forcefully by her hair..

So that was my day....being a witness to ugly scenes of Malaysians. I went back feeling so sleepy and dizzy..dun-know-why....

I am in the midst of looking fer organisations fer my thesis. Me and Ika share the same SV and she suggested us to try banking industry. But I think tourism will be more fun...

Not until I bumped into this just now, maybe BANKING will be fun! =)


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