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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of Loafers and Someone new

I am in the mood to shop today (like duh-uh??) no, not fer myself, but fer someone else... I have this habit of grooming people make her up, buff him up and so on. When I see celebrity or any civilian wear something that is fashion statement, I will try to make people near me to give it a try.. =) that's me! Nola, Ika, Abu, Kak Nadh are amongst the victims.hehe...But of course it is bona fide!~ Dun worry..

Like today, I bumped into these leather Polo loafers. OMG, the smell of the crisp leather really engrossed me and it is INDEED a fashion statement when you go all-khakis. Even the color is called o-khaki. The image of it being worn with white shirt or any pale shirt with khakis pants bubbled out of my head! woohoo~ It's something that Jude Law or Prince William would wear.

I think men really look good and exclusive in khakis. To take over the jeans domination fer a while. Loafers are the good choice to suit the Khakis style because it will not overpower the whole concept, which is initially meant to be casual. You will not want your casual look to be a trying-too-hard.

So, in no's mine..err to be given away...

In the near future I wish I could buy this fer him.
I hope this will make B rethink about what he has been doing, of two-timing me with someone new ...How could he .??? And my allegation comes with PROOF. I hate the fact that she's cuter!

She got milk instead of water!!Unfair!

Should I be the one?? ;,(

Her one of many seductive poses that won B's heart.

Ok..fine! I got enufff!!

Hihihi..this is B's friend's cat who always come to his room fer some cute kan? I think I need one too. I need something that responds (selain Ika).

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