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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ika did it!

I have this make over voucher that will expire on the 7th of february, so I decided to use it today. But it turned out not as I expected. I looked weird..I looked like a Muallaf, like Ika said "tiada penegasan di mata" haha...whatever it is I did it for the sake of not wanting to waste the voucher...

Definitely I'll stick to M.A.C and devote to my smokey eyes.

I think I have a new craze right now, I just cannot ignore mini skirts. Since Spring is approaching, so I can find many minis at Padini. They have them in all forms, flips, korean style, scholar style, jeans, t shirt and floral prints.. I thought of buying all of them! I am like a kid in a candy shop. Who says a cover up can't wear this? I think it is a wise opt for a long dress cuz since it is two-piece, you are free to mix and match them with your top.

floral tiered mini

white tiered mini

scholar button mini ..definitely my future purchase!

denim mini

floral tiered mini

floral tshirt mini

I have been eyeing for a korean denim flipped mini...

Does this thing really look like what I have just described? They got it but it's waaayy beyond my budget..=(

Korean denim flipped skirt.

But.. am I lucky or am I lucky? Guess what??! Ika bought it fer me! Cuz I just couldn't keep it off my hands as soon as I laid my eyes on it...Thanks ka! you r the best!Ka, a mini won't harm your tutor perks..hehe

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