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Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 Feb 09! happy v day peeps, How's urs? I dun celebrate.. no, dun make that puke action, I just don't celebrate V day since 4 ever. Thanks fer the Sekolah Agama brought up I had.. I still remember how our teachers would take every measure to make us miss the slightest chance to celebrate the day. Let alone tazkirah (reminders) by abang senior, IWAN BOLEN, SUHAIMI JUBLI,ROSDI ROSLI, tidak lupa abg Hishamuddin Sulhi, juga Ustaz Arfan dan Ustaz Mahyuddin...about what's actually behind the V day. If the Vday should fall on weekends, there would be no outing and balik bermalam! Yes, to that extent! We will be kept occupied with activities like usrah, qiam, wrapped with a very flaming Zikir Wahdah! Oh, I miss Zikir Wahdah!

Fer the past few days (or weeks?) I have been harrased approached by my friends' boyfriends and girlfriends seeking fer my piece of 2 cents fer the ideal v day gifts.

  • Make up apa kau pakai?
  • Jam mana yg best untuk my gf ?(sambil copy paste URL gambar jam yang agak banyak)
  • Kalau kau aku, apa ko bg bf kau?
  • Handphone mahal sgt ke,atau nanti aku bg jadi hantaran?
  • Ko rasa bf aku suka tak david Beckham punya jersey?,
  • I got this fer my girlfriend, do u think she'll love it? ( sambil photosharing pic perfume mahal yang dah dibeli...*if i answer no, can i have the perfume?? hahaa)
At one moment I feel like Guru Pitka dalam movie Love Guru...hhehe
I think thats so sweet of them, having all the effort to do all this, still I stick to the conventional thought, It's the thought that counts =)

someone made me this from his used jeans...i found this very2 thoughtful and cute altho it cost him 0.00...(unless dia kehabisan benang and terpaksa beli benang. Harga jeans tak masuk sebab jeans dh x pakai)

I have class today! Yes, i did not type that wrong, I have a 4 hours class, skipping my breakfast because I woke up at 9 while my class started at 9! Luckily, call from Oscar woke me up, if not, I will miss the most fun class with Prof Carl , a German lecturer (guest lecturer). His class was so fun and hilarious! I learn new thing today. The acronym AIDA is used to create an interesting Job Ad the newspaper. It stands fer Attractive, Interest, Desire and Action. hihi...And I was teased Aida, aida all through the class period..

Bukti saya hadir ke kelas.

The class finished at 1pm, I decided to singgah (singgah je) at One Borneo cuz I have been running out of fruits and talcum. I feel like an author of a chic-lit novel ( trying to construct what to write fer my book) when I walked alone into the mall witnessing couples cozying, smooching celebrating their day of love. Elderly couples, without their children (which I bet celebrating theirs too) looked so sweet hand-in-hand. (or buang tebiat??) hahaha

I was so starving cuz I have skipped my breakfast, I walked pass Sushi King, and impulsively took the entry! hehe..It has been ages I did not dig into sushis! I swear, the customers are all couples! haha..When the waiter asked me "berapa org?" and my answer is "sorang" (do you seeeeeeeeeee anyone with me??? hello?!?!), she seemed to express a lil bit of antonishment.. WTH?

Abg pakai sleeveles jgn perasan sy ambil ur pic ok?

So, there's me alone enjoying every munch of sushi I could. fer the 1st time ever, I sat by the belt counter.. yalah, alone kan? The sushi tasted good as ever, not until I saw two very good looking men across me..very Beckham-ish..guess what, they leaned on each other and ber ramas mesra di luar batasan akal untuk dua KAWAN me?

tidak, mereka tidak ada dalam gambar..(jgn kecewa ok?)

This is not a V day card....

It's a V day promotion menu!!

Ok, I hate this part, i finished my meal and as my principal has it, I must go fer calorie burning after each meal! Plus malam td Oscar baru belanja roti kawen after class, I haven't burnt that one yet! Before that, I never knew I was destined to get myself the Sushi King card today! They have this promotion, pay RM20, you will the card, a calendar, 2 RM 10 vouchers, and a cute set of a spoon and chopstick in a case..How cool was that? I did not hesitate to be a member! hihi Plus, I am indeed a sushi lover.

Berazam akan makan di sushi dgn lebih kerap *semangat*

tau2 je buat calendar pink fer me.

A cute spoon and Chopstick case..I asked "do you have other color (tau, nak tanya pink sebenarnya tu!!) Next time can bring to Sushi King, so no need to use the wooden chopstick. (save the environment peeps) boleh jugak bawak pegi restoren lain..x semestinya sushi King, jgnlah skema sgt. =)

As usual, I went about O.B when I decided to replenish my stationeries, so, to Harris I was off.

See what Harris had made me bought.

Being 24 is not too old fer this tho! It's ok if I still think Troy is cute. haha

Aaaa, I also bought this..falls under unnecessary purchase, YES, I BOUGHT IT BECAUSE IT'S PINK..what a pink stalker.haha

Ni paper doll dress that I bought in Colours tu..together with a cropped jacket (malas nk amik pic sebab belum iron, it crumpled badly)

So thats how my 14 feb going on,,,I hope yours fun too!


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