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Monday, February 9, 2009

The day Ika turns 25

Ika turned 25 today! i decided to ambush her office instead of informing earlier like I always do...Hehehe..

Ika was so surprise and I have left her in awe. I am glad she loved what I got her..It is easy to get her pressie coz we are together 24/7, so, i just knew it when she showed interest in some stuffs. My job is to choose amongst them. If I have all the money in the world, I'd just buy all!

The birthday girl did not wait long to try on her bday gift.hihi

I can't afford a whole SC cake, so I bought a I know Ika WOULDN'T eat it.

Striking an MLM pose..hahha kill2 die2 MLM.heheh

After that, I gave Ika the honor as a birthday girl to choose the venue to celebrate. I am starving too, because I purposely leave my stomach empty. =) Without even a little pause,

....Ika's choice is Kenny Roger's Roasters.

Ika had the quarter meal. Note: KRR's muffin is something to DIE fer! Seriously..huhu

and I ordered Classic Chicken Sandwich (which I end up eating only the fillings, cuz the bread is cold and stiff)

Like we always did, after having meals, we must burn up the calories, so we went loitering about O.B. Ika wanted to look for a tube to match with her new green hoody and I wanted to reward myself a long-postponed wish list that is.....

Another different story, Ika has made me a Levi's convert. Above is my 2nd (latest) purchase and I am addicted to purchase more. Plus, I am one size smaller since the 1st purchase.hihi

I am glad thal all things were well executed.. I love it when I succesfully made someone happy!

Happy birthday again Ika~

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