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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What to do with sheer.

Don't you love sheer material? moreover, nowadays they come up with the nicest design. Last month, I had a haul in Jakel after they have this promotion of sejuta meter kain must go sort of thing! So sheer materials were as low as RM5/m! 

My habit, I don't do lining for my thin baju kurung. 1st, the upah is expensive, they charge me double , it is like making 1 baju but for 2 upahs (scream cheapskate!!!!) , worse, for some material, you'll end up as if wearing a plastic bottle. Kejung gitew... So, it defeats the purpose of your flowy sheer material e.g chiffon.. crepe... etc..

Hence, this is when what the hijasbista loves to call 'inner' comes in. I know now there are numerous inners easily found in boutiques or even supermarket like giant but so far none of them is excellent. After first wash, they'll not be the same anymore. I know there are the good ones but they cost a bomb.

But, I just bought one from the thepoplook, it is described as maxi dress so you have the thickness of the dress but in nude! so the combination is perfect to become your inner, easy beacuse it's one piece, you need not to wear an inner + a petticoat.

Hereby I strongly recommend this, Caryn Maxi Dress in Nude. with really2 affordable price!

p/s: Nope, I am not sponsored to this here, this is tulus dari hati yang ikhlas, sharing is caring!

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