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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dejavu di Kinabalu

Long delayed post this is. Last christmas, we had an impromptu trip to Kundasang for durians on cheap sale. FYI, durians here in Sabah is a luxury, they are sold by kgs, and they are freaking expensive. So, Kundasang sometimes had these durians on promotion. e.g RM 5/kg. Plus my BIL got some ABIM program at Pusat Latihan somewhere in Desa Cattle.

We reached Kundasang at about 1pm, because the road was rather packed, due to everyone balik kampung.( Kundasang is the feet of gunung Kinabalu.) But it's highland already.

My Mom in law came up with the idea of staying overnight so we did! We rent a resthouse, a beautiful but pricey because of the peak season. But everyone chipped in, :)

We had the view of the mighty Kinabalu! That was priceless! :)
1st pitstop, restaurant Intan, where the famous sayaps are

Our chalet

 The mighty Kinabalu at the back, behind the clouds. It was freaking cold at this time because of the shower.
Masjid Kundasang.

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