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Friday, December 12, 2008

WHo is?

P/s: this post is free from bias element.

Shrewd, Charismatic, Intelligent, Attractive and married~ That's Khairy Jamaluddin or K.J as he's better known as. It has been a KJ week for us since we reached the leadership chapter for our BJ 6033. Anyways, who is this lad? Who has his anti blogs as much as his pro blog. Hardly in his 30s KJ has got some. Being lucky (in the right position he is now) and equipped by his Oxbridge background, his credibility is undoubtful. In his current position now, where others have to go through 30 years of fraught for enjoying his moment. Currently the MP of Rembau, he is one of the youngest in the Parliament and often his action is emotional strung. I don't deny that KJ is very intelligent and well-known for his debate freak (that we know is his strength).

Blessed with a son named Jibrail, almost perfect is one word that we could use to describe him. Always be in in the shadow of his FIL, what's next for him post-Pak Lah era soon? Personally I admire his style because he's fresh and young, and speaks flawless english. But thats just the tip of the iceberg. Eager to know more.

KJ's trivia:

  • Owns a boutique : TENC, The emperor's new clothes @ Pavillion
  • One of his plat numbers reads: KJ10 Q.."KJ thanks u" its a kch plat number!
  • A father to Jibrael Jamaluddin Abu Bakar and expecting another in January.

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