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Friday, December 12, 2008

i love u?

Money can buy happiness. A
statement that I never ever be against of…. For the past one week, as the mega
sale is still in progress, I am one of lots who credited my money to the
shopping outlets. I never spent like this before, but now yes, maybe because he
is around. I love shoes, he loves shoes more, I love clothes, he loves clothes
more, I love shades, He adores shades more!...we are compatible when we do
shopping, there is a two way communication! I loike~ I really feel like posh
for the past 1 week.. From clothes,to shoes, to tudung, to shades,to contact
lense, to make ups! I think we have spent Ks altogether. Every single day at
least we will bring back 2 clothes each+ other stuff..KK compared to Kuching,
it is better. Kuching has no choice, so when I came to KK, I was nurturing
myself to this shopping spree.. It was all shoes and clothes for the last few
days, not until today when I splurged for a trench coat. It was love at a first
sight that I took only barely 3 minutes from the period I saw it and I had in
the paper bag!~ it is worth its price and I don’t resent of spending such amount on it, after that I
quickly find a matching white pants to go with it, luckily I got a very2 good
bargain at padini. The coat is so charlotte-ish of sex and the city and anita mui-ish at the same time..hehehe..

I never bought a handbag in my life, all I had were given by
friends and sisters. Thus, today I have broken the chain, I bought a handbag
when he remarked my hand bag. (a bad one of course) I straightly went to roxy,
scanned, bought, wore it on the spot. But, I turned to adore it when I
practically saw it when I reached home, ya..considering that I bought it

Now I am in the hunting of a
diamond ring, the one with a single solitaire, have bumped into some, but my
problem is the size, I have so unnourished,skinny, finger, I wear size 7.5! to
the extent the salesperson gave up digging my size..but I was stubborn, for not
wanting to pay extra to adjust the size..hehe..nevermind, that 1 I’ll do it

So, this have come to an end, my
shopping partner has to go to somewhere far2 away, and I will miss him for
sure…. Counting days to next year..


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