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Friday, December 12, 2008

One fine day

Initially, I planned to work on my pending
assignments today, but the empty nest syndrome still hit me, since b and Diana
left me on the same day! I hate the feelings of a sudden empty home/room. Luckily
today, Kak Nadh came over to accompany me. Yes, at least there’s some element
of b near me..hehe..For I have done my part for the group assignment, I have
nothing better to do, plus it’s puasa, so the eating part is omitted during the
day. As usual, I love to re-arrange my locker, then I saw, a note from Diana on
my gigantic mirror, apparently, she left the note while I was in the
Monday class, how sweet~..Apart from the valuable advice, she actually wrote it
on a M.A.C card…. M.A.C…ya, why don’t I go to M.A.C as I have nothing to do, so
off I went, It was 3 hours before the break fasting time.

I thought I wanted to get myself the foundation
because everyone seems to swear over it, especially the pundit of make up (my
beloved sister of course) ..The makeover she had recently made me envious… She
looked like me Kim Kardashian.. hoho..But the one she had was from Laura
Mercier ..whatever it is…hehe

At M.A.C, I told the salesperson that I wanted to
get myself a foundation, thus, I got a free makeover, it was not an overhaul
but it’s just a product testing. Firstly, it was done for half of my face,
reminded me of Carla form The Other Sister movie..haha..but he finished the
rest of my face later. It was really magic, no wonder everyone swears over
M.A.C. Being hundreds of ringgit poorer? I didn’t resent it at all. I bought
the basics, foundation, blusher and lipglass, yes GLASS, should I call it a
pun? No, I dun think it’s a pun. But for sure, it is another miracle form
M.A.C.. a definite recommendation. I walked out the shop with my confidence
hiked, I got smitten and smirked all the way home… =D

B told me a very funny story
(I miss him)… It was so cute that I decided to blog about it. When he was 3, he
left England
for good. Being born and brought up there, his siblings’ Malay language
acquisition is zero.. maklum la balik dr oversea.

It was at their grandma’s
house, a chicken entered their house, so mom asked them to chase the chicken
away.. “halau ayam tu” .Instead of chasing the chicken away, they greeted the
chicken “HELLO”…hahha… I stopped eating my lunch and laughed for minutes..How
cute and adorable I must say, I imagine the 2 of them with their red cheeks
greeting the chicken…=)

Can’t wait to celebrate the
holy month in Kuching this Sunday..To my friends who are currently in Kuching,
lets have a get-together like we usually have..See you guys soon~

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