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Friday, December 12, 2008

This post may contain spoiler

Yesterday I watched CICAKMAN2 with beloved mom. I must say the previous one is better! *sigh* the sequel seems to whirlwind in term of story line and the CGI is not impressive enough. Yusry has tried his best but not the best in cicak man 2.

But what took me away the most is of coz! Rrama!

  • RRAMA!~Tamara- She is so hot!
  • Aznil@ professor Klon- as usual annoying & over acting..
  • Fasha sandha-Kayu!
  • Apek- Lawak!
  • Amani-cute
  • AC&Adlin-stupid

this movie also features Linda Onn as an undercover Rrama of the name of Amar..and her then TEMAN TAPI MESRA (i hate,really hate this term, like I have some issue with it) Fahrin, who did not even have line!

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