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Friday, December 12, 2008


WHI had a very interesting topic today.. HANTARAN TINGGI..BAHAGIAKAH PERKAHWINAN? mmmm..interesting huh?

I admit, i have always wanted a dream wedding, with beautiful clothes, out of this world dais, flawless and perfect make up and posh hantarans.. But that was then, when i am still not sure and still have no image of the wedding yet. Now, i think i am more realistic, for me, the marriage matters, not the wedding, sounds cliche but yes, its true, gone were the dreams of me wanting a 4days 4 nights wedding, with horse carriage, glass shoes,precious rock ring, and so..cuz by the end of the day, all I want is to be hak milik mutlak of the one i LOVE, to put him before myself, and devote all i got just for him And let Allah punish me if i ever hurt him. Or simply saying that I have found THE ONE.

Not by enduring the debts after a lavish wedding ....

Rasulullah S.A.W stated in the hadith:

"khairunnisa' ahsanhunna wujuuha arkahshunna mahuuraa"
Ertinya : “ Sebaik-baik wanita adalah yang elok rupanya dan yang paling rendah kadar maharnya

and in another hadith

"Abrakhunna aqlilhunna mahran"
Ertinya : “ Seberkat-berkat wanita ialah paling sedikit maharnya”

Rasulullah SAW also stated in another hadith:

Ertinya : “ Di antara dalil keberkatan seorang wanita adalah mudah proses perkahwinannya dan sedikit maharnya.

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