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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now the lion has fallen for the lamb

Fuh! Went to watch Twilight justnow with Mak with only one mission: to understand,comprehend,digest and improvise the character of Edward Cullen, that causes quite a stir among the girls. And I know I will walk out of the theater with two possibilities: to fall or not with Edward Cullen, I do!

Well, he is, quoting my friends' "too good to be true"! does a guy(or vampire) like that exist?? Look at those golden eyes! Yes, literally golden!Who wouldn't fall for those?? and those hair! and pale is in! (after Edward Cullen). I truly understand now why girls go gugugagaga over him. He got all the "lelaki idaman" material in him:protective, hard to get, cool (he's hot in a cool way! ??) and puts the girl's interest and safety before his. He's fast, and super strong too. Although I watch towards the end of the showing period the house was still full justnow but thanks to the tall guy infront of me and the crying baby. Thank you for ruining everyone's Cullen moment.

Overall: 6 stars!

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