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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dr. SMS naaaa!

never knew my decision to take the left exit at the UMS traffic lights will
mark an important event in my life- to meet the 2nd angkasawan! The
class on Saturday finished early so me & Ika (my classmate) thought of
nothing but went straightly home. But my growling stomach sent my brain the
image of Bubur Ayam McD. So, when the traffic hit green, I quickly turned left
(although my car was already on the right lane) to go to 1Borneo.

was the bubur that mattered at that time when a banner caught my attention. It
stated “Meet the Astronaut”… Being enthusiast by nature I am of all this
angkasawan thing, I asked one of the officers straight to the point Q – as
expected- Is Dr. Sheikh coming? But she answered – Dr. Faiz..

Oh ok”, I couldn’t believe that was my reaction! We went to the 1st
floor, from the distance of about 5 meters, I could see Dr. Faiz mesmerizing
the crowd with his story, yes, his story (not his speech) and experience of
undergoing the selection to be the final 2. There are the other top 5 candidates there as well. Except Sheikh.

admit Dr. Faiz is no heart throb and scorching for his look, but his
personality really got me smitten for the rest of the day! He got good
excellent sense of humor, approachable, not stingy of his DARLIE
smile and really2 smart at answering all the questions bombarded to him (including
the sensitive ones). That one is a turn on!

the autograph session took place, I purposely lined last because I want to have
more time with him (chewah) well, taking into account of how loose the security
is (unlike when Sheikh came to kch, I just like had the view of him for about 2
seconds??) This autograph session with Mejar Dr. Faiz (he was just promoted
from Captain to Major) was more relaxed, fun and laid back. Again to Sheikh’s
personnels, what’s the harm of conducting as such??

I am glad that Malaysians have shifted their interest to the knowledge based event because at this time the MYLG starz was in progress as well, but the crowd enjoyed and swamped the Ministry of Science and Technology exhibition more. It’s about time for Malaysia to have intelligent idols with essence rather than Siti or Mawi? Ouch!

my turn came, one of the officers offered to capture my photo and him but I
declined as I wanted to take a more natural photo of myself and him. (ambik pic
sendiri) Dr. Faiz was quite surprised (a good kind of surprise) and he politely
took his position and snap! I
said thank you Dr. and he winked! Yes! He winked! ;) I think I was under the
influence of stupidity of that moment because the reaction I gave him is a
thumb up….of all the reactions in the universe, BODOHkan?

he is an average Joe in term of look, and no Beckham, but seriously, Dr. Faiz’s personality outshines Sheikh’s and
to fall for the personality is much,much,much more affectionate and can make you sleepless for nights.
Honestly, he is much, much, much more attractive than Dr. Sheikh because of his
personality and charisma, and of course his captivating smile.. =) I remember one of my
acquaintances said, it’s not about the person, but how the person makes you
feel. Well, the case of Dr. Faiz & Dr. Sheikh is the best quintessence.

is the main course, look is the side dish. The main course can make you
full enough, then it’s ok if you don’t go for the side dish.” But then again, kalau dah rupa tak dapat save bak kata nola, x pat jugak work it out.. as for me, I’m one of the lucky persons, because I have someone with BOTH.

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