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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Spring Poring

I really look forward to weekend especially when B is on leave. We love to go for a long drive on holidays. This week we planned to go north again but further to Poring that is! Poring is famously associated with its hotspring, a tourist spot. They also have other places too like butterfly park, water rafting and water falls. The journey took approx 2 hours to reach Pekan Ranau and only took minutes to Poring.

They say Ranau's KFC is famous for its chicken. They claim it tastes different. B wanted to give a try. Not only he received the wrong part, it was extraordinarily oily and uncooked. So, never listen to rumors!!

When we reached there, it was drizzling and the condition is not that convenient for an open air hotbath. So, we decided to rent a closed one. Only RM15/hour. You want to be really careful because it is literally hot, boiling hot, so be cautious while filling in the tub with hot water. There are two taps, one for hot water, and another is normal temp. It is advisable that you open both of them at once to get a 'just nice' water temperature. The water may look a little brownish but worry not, it means it is mineral saturated. Muahaha.

I can assure that skin dipping in hot bath is really relaxing and rejuvenate. I can't feel any refreshed after a two hour dip. B claimed that his skin feels moist than ever. So why wait, try now for only RM 3 entry per pax!

The entrance

On the way, you will have to cross this bridge, very hard current below! suitable for water rafting

Open air hotbath

We stopped by Kundasang, thought of buying jacket from bundle because I forgot to bring mine! SO freaking C.O.L.D!!

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