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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PMS the devil

Imho, 99% of diets program are screwed up by PMS! No one can simply say no to PMS cravings, agree? The funny thing is, it is not the urge to eat, but the urge to indulge! I no crave for cabbage soup duh, But I iz craving for that double chocolate brownies with icecream with chocolate syrups and peanuts. The craving is so bad that you would kill for cuocolates. And the funnier ( and frustrating) part is, you know you'll regret it but you just continue to get carried away and feeling suicidal after that! Huhuhu,

PMS is not eating when you are hungry but continue to munch munch and munch as long you eat, you will feel good. My experience, I have ever gnawed a whole pot , read: rice cooker pot, of rice just by mixing it with butter and soy sauce! Then, I ate another bowl of maggi!

This is not only about cravings but emotional wise, your mood could be like a tidal wave, at one time you feel like whipping someone for no reason just because a sight of him/her. And maybe you start finding faults with your spouse or your family.

And i am not mentioning yet about feeling bloated day and skin breakouts urghh, PMS is just like an ex taking a revenge, so mean and devilish!

The reason I am writing this up is because I am having one and I just finished a burger bakar, ( you know how XXL burger bakar is right?) AFTER a round of peanut butter brownies. So this post plays patron and just to reduce the feeling of guilt. :(

2 chemistry(s):

Phoebe said...

Assalamualaikum. Aida, do you find it harder to lose weight post partum compared to pre pregnancy? I am still doing my routine which worked pre pregnancy but now post partum it x seem to work anymore. Sigh.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yes, i think so, but for my case i think its about willpower. I am a little bit undetermined nowadays compared to before married. ehehe

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