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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu

The situation in Lahad Datu had badly affected the surrounding areas including Kota Kinabalu although we are 8 hours apart. I must admit, the social media has taken over the medium of message conveyed and has become credible compared to the prime media. I understand the mainstream media try their very best to ensure everything is under control. Bayangkan headline TV1,2,3 "Keadaan kucar kacir, penduduk disaran meninggalkan rumah", Pengganas dikhuatiri sudah masuk bandar" I'm sure this will make everything chaos and more difficult for the civilian and easier for the intruders.

We, in Sabah received numerous rumors (or not?) from handphone print screens and forwarded message (chain letters) which we are ordered to ignore, but we just can't! Imagine receiving those messages when you are alone at home! Seriously I never felt this alert before. Last night it was a sleepless one for me. This morning while driving to work, we can actually hear the siren from the TLDM base which is not far from my working place. 

Please pray for us here. 

2 chemistry(s):

Aini Amir said...

saya doakan. semoga cepat cepat selesai urusan (ATM dan yg sewaktu dgnnya) disana. jgn lg ada pertumpahan darah.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


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