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Monday, February 18, 2013

Annual Dinner 15.2.13

Whoever came up with the idea of black and white for our dinner is a genius! Last night we successfully had our annual dinner after weeks of planning and preparation, I was once again appointed as the decoration committee.
Back to the theme, it is very convenient that everyone could easily don their dress perfectly comforming to theme accordingly!
Thanks and congratulations to the committed dinner team.
We decided to wear our wedding outfit! Luckily it still fits although I really need B to zip the rear. Ahahaha

The most important is I won a lucky draw that night! Of cash! Wowee!

Make up by moi



the backdrop

Performance by our unit

my lucky draw!!

3 chemistry(s):

Elya Roza said...

cantik nye awk aida...
black color buatkan awak lagi nmpak kecik..eehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


Anonymous said...

waaaa cantiknya kak aida niiii gerammm

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