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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup Semi-Final. Lagu Tema: Don't Stop Believing by Glee cast

Lin Dan, Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat

We faced China in the semi final back in 1992, when we bagged the Thomas Cup. Will the history repeat itself today? Being a realist (neither a pessimist nor an optimist), apparently, it is near an impossible task but (maybe) the advantage of "home support' can surmount the odds that the team have against them. 

The most anticipated  match between the most celebrated players -Chong Wei (World No 1) and Lin Dan (World No. 2) carries the highest burden because it all depends on Chong Wei for us to look forward to the other great battles by the Malaysian shuttlers. Considering Chong Wei's records against Lin Dan, 6-13 it is, Datuk Lee Chong Wei however has improved by leaps and bounds to trouble the latter.

Hope is also highly placed to our no 1 pair Koo Kien Kiat & Boon Heong to deliver the 1st Two points as the experts are a little bit skeptical of Choong Han vs Chen Jin, Mohd Zakry & Hoon Thien How vs Guo Zhengdong & Xu Chen and Hafiz Hashim vs Chen Long. 

In a nutshell, Malaysia is confident to win at least two points (from our 1st single and 1st pair) but nonetheless, again, playing at home is longed to make a difference: for Malaysia to do the unexpected~

It seems that securing a place in the finals is heavier than winning the cup itself! All the best to the national shuttlers! Siapakah di finals, mungkin ka rumpun Melayu (Indo-Msia) atau (Jepun-China)?, atau secara bersilang? sama2 kita saksikan!

P/S: As I am typing this, Taufik Hidayat just won the 1st meet for the semi against Kenichi Tago (he needs braces!!) of Japan in straight set 21-9, 21-14. It appears that this Olympics Athens 2004 champion is still kicking despite his old age 4th year in Thomas Cup.

P/S/S: JANGAN TUKAR CHANNEL, ANDA DI BLOG YANG BETUL. HEHE (cuz i know u guys will just skip tis)
P/S/S/S: sy half day hari ni.jgn mareee

***update: Hafiz Hashim vs Bao Chun Lai

2 chemistry(s):

sarah said...

doa untuk pasukan malaysia!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

punah harapan!!

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