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Friday, May 21, 2010

O Em Ji! Nasib baik tak termenjadi Cicak Man!!! lagu tema: Numb by Linkin Park

Semalam, sambil menonton diari akade grey's anatomy, tekak ini mendambakan peanut butter toast la pulak.. I went to the kitchen to prepare the best peanut butter toast yang mungkin dapat mengalahkan Old Town White coffee yang saya over expose tu.. setelah menyapu dengan dua kali sapuan, and stacked 2 breads together, sy pun memadatkannya ke dlm toaster setelah mentrim the crust, i don't eat crust!

setelah mendengar bunyi TAP!, I know the roti is done already... tapi mungkin its double jadi agak sukar to take it out dr toaster tu....

Dahlah sy lapar and Grey's Anatomy cannot wait ok!, sy pun dengan spontaneously menonggengkan toaster itu to get my bread out!

U know what came out together? A crispy golden toasted brownish lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes CICAK. Cicak yang well toasted! OMG, I could clearly see its bones and they were golden brown!! Kalau nak tahu how it looks like exactly? macam ikan masin goreng tu yang dalam nasik lemak tu. exactly like that! urghhh, dengan tindakan refleks nya I menghampas the toaster. I want to break and break up with the toaster, I don't want anything to do with it anymore.. Urgghhh

Cicak is the haiwan yang I paling geli dlm duniaaa and to have CICAK and food in one sentence is just tooo gross!beyond Imagination ok! Setahun la puasa makan toasted bread nih!!

13 chemistry(s):

Khairieah said...

omg.. bersabarla kak aida...

reena said...


Ernie Khairina said...



every morning, without fail pun mmg akan buat toast bread, which kena sangat berhati2 after this

ztie said...

ahaha u know what.. i was once almost drink the little guy... euww... time ya kmk nak minum coke kak beli dari kedei. i leave it for less than a minute atas meja while i wash my hand. then... i took the can.. nak minum dah.. nak sampai mulut.. tiba2 macam ... eh... sik sedap hati... terus pegi dapo... and tuang air ya direct dari tin masok sink... and there IT was... the little guy a.k.a CICAK!!! berenang2 dalam air cola.. until now i didnt cola from a can anymore unless it was poured in a glass

Admin said...

itu la resipi oldtown

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

euw... mun stakat cicak lalu rah tepi i can still accept it.. tp bila it is inside your food, it's a big EEEUUWWWWWW!

akmabolhan said...

yuckieesss!! i would have the exactly same reflex too if i saw the lizard! hempas toasterrrr!! buang juak kali.

benazirjb said...

CICAK is my enemy.

Joan said...

that's a total OMG...really really OMG..I can imagine how "geli" the situation was..uuuu

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

khai: whahah i love ur comment.hehe
reena: mmg double triple euuuww
ernie:yaa, have to cover our toaster...
ztie: lucky u, mun sik terus jd cicak man!!!
amat: wicked!!! haha
eppa: nya lalu pun s dah gelik gilaa OMG
ima: yalaaah
ben: me also!!!!
joan: true!!

Anonymous said...

kmk penah juak aihh...di tonggeng2 mek toaster ya alu kuar cicak mati..ya lah kinek tok nk make toaster msti diat dlm ya lok.. ;p

cicakman said...

i love cicak!!!soo cute

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sue:nyalaaaah ya, harus berhati2!!
cicakman: u also must be cute!

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