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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lin Dan & Co harbored Malaysia's 18 year- dream. Lagu Tema: Rude Boy by Rihanna

Lin Dan break dancing

I was all excited & spirited to watch the semi finals yesterday, I turned down a movie invitation. Like I said earlier, Malaysia was not in my favor to win the semis but neither did I expect a total collapse of our team. 0-3!!  They were nothing close to ending their 18 year- wait! Honestly after Super Dan scored the 1st point @ the 1st match, I just knew right there, Lin Dan would lead until the end. Infamous for his on-court arrogance, I couldn't deny Lin Dan's easy and control victory over Datuk LCW. In harsher word, he made LCW looked like a novice.

Don't let me begin with the other 2 straight sets defeats of our 1st doubles and 2nd single, cuz I did not bother to watch anymore. China were just too good yesterday. Their stinginess- keeping their excellent players for international tournaments obviously paid off! 

P/S: I am still not over Lin Dan's shirtless robot dance. This is what the champ got to say "The 1st time I took off my shirt was at the 2004 Thomas Cup Finals, I was so happy when I defeated Peter Gade. I was young then. This time I took off to see whether I am as muscular as before!"

P/S/S: Looking forward to that again if he wins over Taufik in the finals! haha

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Anonymous said...

Lin Dan yang super hotz!

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