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Sunday, May 23, 2010

AF oh AF Lagu tema: Generasiku by OAG

After 5 years of abandoning AFs, AF8 managed to regain my attention although only at the last few concerts. My reviews from the 5th place- 1st.

Iwan: Self-proclaimed So-called pretty boy. I guesss that's it.ahaha

Maulana: This hunk really fits the bill of the Jazz genre! Aznil is right, he has the advance among the other 90!!! AF's products! Whatever attempt to make him a Jazz singer, it works out! I think he'll survive the water, Walaupun bukan Juara. Like Akim over Hafiz, Adam over Zahid. Got it?

Daus: He better watch out, again, lacking x-factor. I wish all the best for him. Easily slips among the others. Chaiyo2 Daus!

Adira: Untung sabut timbul untung batu tenggelam, although she is the closest competitor to Shahir, she has to work extra hard to stand out post AF. I just cannot feel her. She's just another girl-next-door who happens to have the talent to sing, sorry, Adira's fans, no offense. I think to be an artist you have to have the x-factor and edgy. Macam Stacy. Although you made it into the finals, things are different altogether after AF. betul tak? 

Shahir: Towards the end of AF8, I noticed there's this coyish braced boy. He got this goody two shoes attitude which I strongly feel would win fans over. Dengan imej 'suci', he is a reincarnation of Mawi and extra aid in the look department to boot. After keeping up with the diaries, memang dia baik. Jenis tak sentuh perempuan, lurus bendul, tak attention hungry, Kalau nak jadi juara AF kena ada these attributes tau. Ini cerita betul, when he was voted out, I said potong jari la if they didn't impose the AFMASUK and they did, after that I cakap lagi, potong tangan la kalau Shahir tak masuk, he did. (and also after all the fiasco and retaliates from the viewers protesting to boycott AF. hahaha) Congratulations to Shahir, you deserve to be the 8th champion. Untung la u can settle the braces fee sekaligus!

P/S: Kudos to KRU, all the singles are catchy & best giler. Norman memang business minded, tapau semua lagu for these students and savor the royalties later!

P/S: Orang yang berbeza mempunyai pendapat berbeza.
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7 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

oh good one! hahaha.. iyer shahir.. sign tulisan jawiii eh. kalah kasyfi. haha

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

besalah miak skulah agama.haha

LeEz EnTerPrlSe said...

eehehheh...speechless...bila a-pa ngn a-d00d bergabung...MELT00oo00pp!!huhuh..apaka...saya sik suka syahir....wahahahha

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aza suka reza bah.hahaha

ahmad endo said...

abis jari ngan tangan kenak potong...hahaha

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

tapi sik..he

Nadhirah said...

ayat yang nampak ber'otak' sikit, Shahir. Yg lain tak matang.

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