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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman in my life

A kind note to my blog reader: PLEASE READ, dun just scroll for pics! Don't be lazy, cuz this is one of my not so many meaningful full-text entry.

Granpa named her after the character-Sabrina Duncan of the 1981 version of Charlie's angels. And like the character played, she is feisty, always full of spirit and plucky. She relives the angel's character-very brave and courageful.

She is the most amazing girl in our life. And that is not saying per se, she proves it so many times. She is very successful in her life. Her husband is very lucky to have her as a wife. Huge age gap between us has made her very possessive of me even up until now. I owe her so very much for what I am today because I used to be a timid girl, she taught me otherwise.I remember she handed down to me this particular blouse of hers and the moment I put it on, it perfectly fits, she said "You have grown up, soon you will have a boyfriend, but he must pass my screening first". (and in case you don't remember, it was your pink polka dot blouse). That was the sweetest thing she ever said to me albeit she was only 16 at that time.

Speaking of which, this lady has proven her sense of leadership and responsibility since she was just a little girl. Back in the good old days, when all the cousins lived under one roof -my grandma's house, she-being an alpha, created this sekolah olok-olok together with the other cousins. Of course, she was the headmaster teacher. But we made it so real, with real books, school bags, stationery. We even brought along our own lunch box. There were recess time and bells. She worked so hard to teach us, me especially, I got smacked and pinched if I couldn't answer her questions correctly. No one dared to do anything but to follow. I hate or more to say frighten of her during that time. But now, you have no idea how much thanks I would have indebted to her.

At the same time, she has a golden heart. She gives more than she gets. Everyone in the family adores her, Everywhere we go, relatives and family friend will ask about her. They enjoy her antics and companion so very much. Give her a rock, for sure she'll turned it into diamond. And because of that, her life has been so smooth, she walks side by side with "lucky"!

She was a very smart girl, SHE IS A SMART GIRL. Since I was little, I secretly imitated what ever she did, listened to, even what she puts on her face. She is the real pundit of make ups! I have always tried all of my life to become more like her but never mind to beat, I can't even simi-level her.

She has always been and always be the apple of our eyes. The cream of the crop. A perfect role model for me & Elyn. She will always be the pride and joy of my family, and it never crossed my mind to beat that.

For the person I look up the most, me mentor, my idol and my sister, Happy Birthday to Puan Sabrina. Happy ushering the big 30 with wide arms. Worry not, you do not look like one. Not even close! I couldn't love you more every day! I pray you'll deliver your mini ASAP.

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Riena said...


Khairieah said...

happy birthday to sis sabrina =)

AiFA Cho-CHang said...

happy birthday kak biena...! you're such an inspiration for all of us!

AiFA Cho-CHang said...

kak biena, your eyes nang cantik dr kecik.. ! envy you.

you're so lucky to hv kak biena as your big sis.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

eppa: how can i be any lucky? :)

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