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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Farhani Tarmizi

I think this lady gains popularity quicker than anybody else, after she bustled a heated controversial racist statement pertaining Sarawakian women. Her statement had hoisted anger amongst Sarawakian generally, hence the many hate pages of her had been created. Her screen capture (here) circulates around very rapidly and  I pity to other Hani Tarmizis out there, because the crowd have intensely tried to track down that name for the past few days. Whatever she thinks of doing right now, I guess she should have thought it before she came out with the words.

I will not sink down to her level to rant back or retaliate what she said because that will make I am worthless as she is but I suggest that she comes out form her hiding place, make a public apology and clear up the mess that she has done. You touched and you are burnt baby!

On the other note, Saiful Nang faced the same thing after he commented about 'press photographer tak pandai ambil gambar', and he doesn't need to become a man, he only need to become human by making a public apology.

Moral of the story is fikirlah sebelum cakap. Weapons break bones but words break hearts. Wounds will heal but not broken hearts.

P/s: Inilah antara bahana FB hasil rekaan Mark Zuckerberg ,si Yahudi.

9 chemistry(s):

Ms. Omey said...

OMG. That was exceptionally rude. I wonder how sarawakian women react to this. Anyways, tell you what, that is definitely one of ways to gain popularity fast.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

dats why...

Anonymous said...

heh...paling lucu nya maah swak t0k kampung n utan....el0..nya sik pnah nait bel0n g swak kali..c0ba tangga l0k...bruk terkejut br0k nya..hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sik, yang paling saya hairan bin ajaib, nya berani mati ngkah lam fb, benda simple gia gik nya sikpat mikir...ehe

nurul khairunie said...

ignorant punya orang. dia taktau kot zee avi tu orang sarawak juga. kesian. borneo women are hot!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

pity her kan.. shdn't hate her, she needs mercy.ha ha ha (sarcasm)

Fiffy Syafiqa Hazirah said...

haha.. we cant blame fb/fz/myspace in this situation. i dont know why there are so many people are going to be racist now?? nak madah zaman ortodok dah maju dah.. hm..

btw nice blog =)

fa-aja-aja said...

huhu..same goes with sabahan girl jg..asik2 kena pndg rendah oleh peninsular sana..huhu

we are borneo womennnn! peewittt :P

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

fifi: yes we can
fa: stereotyping susah kan..

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