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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fahrin o Fahrin

Fahrin, I think you really love her.
Men don’t easily get their waterworks on. Normally I’d see men cry during funeral, birth or sending their parents off to Mecca. But because of LOVE? Only happen in the movies. So, what prompt Fahrin to shed his precious tears? All because of a lady namely Linda Onn. The tug-of-war affair has been going on and on between these two and pretty much unresolved, judging from Fahrin’s ultimate decision to sue his ex-beau for slander.
Seeing him so vulnerable like this got me to thinking that love can actually hurt you once you start diminishing respect and getting too comfortable with your partner. My 2 cents worth, he could have fallen hard for Linda yet his profound feeling was never acknowledged let alone returned. And what’s with Linda keep on provoking this poor chap? Simply because she wants attention, to be precise, his attention. All girls simply want to be rescued, no? Linda, should you be reading this and you are what people believe you to be, just put a stop to this madness and be transparent.
But this is just my personal opinion. Love is never blind, and neither it’s conditional. It’s too bad when things get ugly, it’s love you held at the gunpoint…

P/s: reblog from my sis.

5 chemistry(s):

AzuwaBolhan said... friend did send me those youtube links yang nya ada conference pasal benda tok..tapi saya blom abis nangga agik.

I can't say he's innocent in this case. Masakan pokok bergoyang mun sekda angin. Linda and Scha are really close now. I think there must be a reason why they came up with all this cerita yang nya kaki pukul bla bla. Just my 23cents.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

saya setuju dgn awak wa, to call someone a kaki pukul is not a main2 thing.hehe, mesti ada experience and mesti nya trauma! hehe

PurPLe LaDy said...

sik abis2 kesah sidak 4.. awal termasuk juak dh..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

biasalah eppa, thats a price they have to pay for living life under the microscope. :) sian ngan fahrin, averyone againts nya, my personal opinion is maybe nya tok over protective/possesive ngan gf2 nya where else cdak ya sik dpt dipolah gia, cdak wanita berjaya and sik dependable bah, mun mcm kita2 tok suk gik ada, di protect dan di possesed! hehe

~{[-Da Lovers-]}~ said...

naza kutuk fahrin. akak sokong fahrin! kesimpulannya, peraaaannngg!! haha

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