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Monday, May 9, 2011

Academic; Lagu Tema: Count On Me by Bruno Mars

Today, we received a group of academicians from University of Sunderland; their Head of Business School and his academic staff. We collaborate with the university and they are here for procedural observation and stuff. I was one of the approved tutors and I was informed 2 weeks before the visit. And it happened that I was the unlucky one, because my class was selected for evaluation. Thus, within this 2 weeks, I have devoted myself to a subject called Human Resources Strategies; code UGB320. I have read all the journals in the world and harassed any network that I could. I have been everyone's pain in the a**. I nagged B every now and then.

So just when I thought everything is under my belt, the subject leader as we call him, sat in my class for two HOURS! Yes, based on my past experience, even for auditing and accreditation, the longest they would sit in was 15 minutes. He is rather a very nice guy, a typical warm Caucasian man. 

"Just pretend I am not here alright"
How, when you are tilting your head right in front of me" "-____-

Considering it was a do it or die mission, I just let my class ran on its own course, plus my students are very obedient and pro active, they are the ones who like to prove everything, I never thought this annoying attitude become handy at this point of time. hehe. I swear that was the longest two hours in my life. I taught "Strategic Reward Management System" and "Organizational Cultures: Strategic Intervention".

Warning: Lines below would be very academic, you can skip if you are not interested.

Under the "Strategic Reward Management System", we came to a subtopic of how pay systems are created to mould employees behavior, and this is very theoretical based. The famous motivation theories such as Maslow's and Herzberg surfaced. If you are from management and business background, you'll come across these two millions of time, and they are the pioneers of their kind. 

"Herzberg was one of my man back then, we did see each other lotsa time before"
My student: He is still alive? *How about My fist on your face?*
"No, he's gone but we used to be good friends before"

Oh my, It is like meeting Shakepear's friend if you are teaching literature. Die! Awesome!

And I did argue of how Herzberg put up money as a hygiene factor not a motivation factor. In a layman, hygiene factor is "KALAU ADA TAKDE APA, KALAU TAKDE WILL CAUSE DISSATIFACTION" The absence of it will affect, somehow, if it presents, nothing happens. So, for me, MONEY IS A MOTIVATION FACTOR. Wellll. haha. So I tried a litmus test, I asked my students;

"How many of you would come to class conducted on SUNDAY, if I pay you RM100"

He is quite impressed because, the UK scholars are arguing about this too (Herzberg is American born). And his theory has become controversial over there. And he did mention, he used the EXACT example like mine, but none of his students was willing to come to class although paid. So we come to conclusion, Money is a motivation factor MODERATED by culture. Means, Asians love money, if not Malaysians. hehe

Then I moved to my second topic. National cultures dimensions, how different countries would approach differently towards five bi-polar dimensions. This model is proposed by Hofstede.If you study Organizational Behavior, you definitely know who Hofstede is. 

"He is my friend too, and this one is still alive, and I know his son as well"
Oh you did not! Just kill me already!! Seriously this is bigger deal than meeting Bruno or Justin Bieber! 

Although I finished on the dot, we dragged our class on side topics like the ROYAL WEDDING, hehe, of course we asked, and also the boys brought up Manchester United's victory over Chelsea last night.hehe

As a closure, he suddenly asked me,
"One more thing, I need to ask, very important thing"
"That's it, I'm screwed, what other areas I missed out??!, oh life never have mercy on me one!"

"Can you tell me, why Charles Brooke name this city Kuching?" "-__________________-

It must be a divine intervention, I can answer that one I tell you! hehe

P/S: It's funny how your fate is pre destined. I have yet got the chance to pursue my study in a foreign uni, but TEACHING in one comes first for me. The downside? It's not in the foreign soil! hurm....

Celebrating mother's day, we watched FF5!!! super best, the theater was full house that we sat scatterred around.

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