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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ernie Khairina Colllections. Sweet Dreams are made of this!;Lagu Tema: Gee by Girls Generation

Blogshopping (or online shopping) has taken retail therapy to a whole new dimension. You can now literally be in your comfort zone while filling your virtual cart. I'd love to admit, I am one of the addicts. Other than a good internet connection from your part, an enjoyable online shopping experience would rather be influenced by the other party. Yup, the blogshop itself. Some would just randomly tag you in FB and some would have a proper blog to  showcase their stuffs. I definitely prefer the latter. Having said that, it is hard to win my eyes let alone my heart. Being very fussy in choosing blogshops, the blogshops that will entice me must have all these criteria. Clear, crispy photograph with almost correct color tone. Yes! Definitely top my list this one as isn't it the whole concept of online shopping is seducing your customer VISUALLY? So, what's on your mind if you and your effort settle for just photo taken with a camera phone? Second would be neat layout and helpful instruction. Information must be clear and relevant. Third, reasonable price. Period. Fourth, good taste of the collection, overall. Hats off to Ernie's personal choice of collections! She got taste! Lastly, excellent pre and post service. I don't want my expectation and excitement to be shaterred by your half hearted commitment to serve your customer, or else, you can close it down. Don't bother to sell anything.

Therefore, I would like to recommend a blogshop of my personal choice that meet all these fussy criteria of mine. Beyond actually. 


Ernie Khairina Collections. Goes by its acronym EKC. Owned by Ernie herself. She's a mother mind you!

Neat layout, user friendly. CHECKED
Reasonable price.CHECKED
Good taste of the collection. CHECKED
Excellent pre and post service.CHECKED

How can you not fall for this??

 A very good news for anyone who's interested and feeling gurly, your time is just right. EKC is hosting a contest now, don't miss this opportunity as the prize is kaw2 punya. RM150 + her beautiful shawls!

I bet by now, you have fallen for this blogshop already, so, don't wait, go the Facebook or blog NOW!And you will nod to every word I write in this entry!

3 chemistry(s):

Ernie Khairina said...

tqvm aida!


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

No PRob ernie! Ya PINK wajib! super love EKC!

BibiEr Karim said...

Before even reading the work Pink...CHECKED, memang suda expect Aida will jot that one! Hahaha.

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